About the Last Chip

I’m Chris Bosh, and I’m telling stories and sharing lessons from behind the scenes of The Big Three’s last championship run.

But this newsletter isn’t only about what happened in the 2013 playoffs. It’s also about how we got there; about how we went from the ridiculously over-the-top week of welcome parties in 2010 to winning back-to-back championships in 2012 and 2013; and about everything in between. 

I’ll take you inside our locker room and inside my mind. I’ll talk about every series in the playoffs and about a regular season with a record-breaking winning street and an internet-breaking Harlem Shake video. And in the process, I’ll tell you about the principles by which I’ve lived my life, which I hope will help you succeed in yours.

Whether you rooted for us or against us, whether you booed us in San Antonio, cheered us on in Miami, or watched our games from anywhere else in the world, I can’t wait to bring you along for the ride. 

And all proceeds from the first month will be donated to educating students of color, so you have no excuse not to sign up!

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Chris Bosh on stories and lessons from behind the scenes of The Big Three's last NBA championship.


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